Season’s Greetings

Christmas 1

Dear friends and colleagues

As we all prepare to shut up shop for the festive period and turn on our out of office assistants, I just wanted to drop you all a message and send seasons greetings.

2015 has been a very painful year for many across the world. The advances in technology have made us all witness the very worst of what humanity is capable of. Through the internet and particularly social media we became a part of many of these events as they unfolded.

But we have also seen the very best of humankind. From those risking their own lives whilst attempting to rescue drowning men, women and children, to those driving hundreds of miles to deliver basic necessities such as food, water & shelter to families fleeing war torn lands and most recently to those preparing hot meals and opening their homes to neighbours whose own homes have been devastated by floods.

So as we prepare to spend time with our families and friends, surrounded by love, friendship, laughter, kindness, and an abundance of food and drink, do remember those less fortunate; those bereaved, those separated from the ones they love, the sick, the elderly, those homeless and those sleeping on our streets.

I hope and pray that you, your families and loved ones stay happy, warm and safe this Christmas. I hope and pray that 2016 brings some much needed peace to our troubled world. And in our own small way we all make it our duty to make this a reality!

A very Happy Christmas everyone and may 2016 be the year of Peace

Shalom Salaam & Peace

Hifsa xxx

Christmas 2


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