Dear Katie Hopkins

Dear Katie

I woke up this morning feeling quite chirpy and happy, considering I’d only had 7 hours sleep in total, had been up at 2.30am making breakfast for the family and knowing my next meal wouldn’t be until 9.30pm tonight.

Then someone sent me your article from the Mail. And quite frankly I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m not sure who does your research for you before you write / speak about things you clearly know very little (if anything) about. Whoever they are, I would sack them.

So where do I start? As the much loved Julie Andrews once sang, ‘Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start’.

Thirty days of not eating or drink or having sex? Say what? You may like to be made aware that if you gave up eating and drinking for 30 days you wouldn’t actually last 30 days. Most human beings in the wealthy parts of the world tend to have three meals a day, numerous lattes, ice creams and snack and various intervals. We eat and drink simply because we can. During Ramadan this is reduced to just 2 meals a day, breakfast (suhoor) and iftar (the evening meal). We do eat and we do drink. It’s just that there is a considerable length of time in between meals. It’s doable, and as you rightly point out (surprisingly), those who can’t for a variety of reasons such as ill health, old age or pregnancy, don’t. And no sex for 30 days? Where did you get that one from? OK yes it does mean that there is no sex during daylight hours, but hey, there is still a good window of 6 hours for a bit of action if that’s really what you want!

Now let’s talk personal safety. Absolutely agree with you on that one. If you feel that you are going to put someone else’s life at risk should you be fasting? I know many dentists, firemen and doctors for example who feel that they can’t fast because they don’t want to risk putting someone in danger. And they can make that personal choice and many people do. I’ve driven when I’m fasting and actually my senses are more alert at times and at others I will opt not to drive because I’m feeling drousy. If a Muslim taxi driver is working it’s because he feels he is able to. You have the choice of getting into the cab with him or not. He wouldn’t be working if he didn’t think he was up to it. Let’s not forget that most adult Muslims will have been fasting since they were children. The body is an incredible machine and over many years learns hope to cope with all sorts of hardship. Much like a body builder who over many years trains to lift heavier and heavier weights by increasing the load slowly. I can remember fasting in these long summer months when I was 15. Boy they were hard! This time round, it’s not too bad as over the last 33 years I’ve trained my body and built up to the long fasting days again.

There is a lot of nonsense in the media about employers having to make special arrangements for Muslim staff who are fasting. This is what you’ve alluded to in referring to rearranging breaks, changing exam timetables, giving people ‘special treatment’. But actually that goes against the very grain of the religion. The idea is not to rearrange one’s lifestyle around the religion. The religion is a way of life and we shouldn’t be changing our normal patterns to accommodate it. The vast majority of Muslims will continue their normal routines, still getting to the office for 9 and leaving at 5 (but not having smoking breaks or a lunch break so actually they would be entitled to leave a bit earlier anyway).

Katie how many Muslims have you been around who have become ‘weak and dizzy’ from lack of a cheese sandwich? I have worked since I was 20 (over 30 years). I’ve had three children, worked with many different people and I can say with hand on heart not a single one of my work colleagues will ever describe me as has having become ‘weak and dizzy’ from hunger or thirst. Where young people and exams are concerned, my daughter is currently taking her A levels and over the next few weeks I will not allow her to fast until her exams are over. I’m certain this will be the same for many other young people. It’s about choice and how you feel you can cope. Why does it become ‘madness’ just because you can’t understand it?  Have you ever tried fasting?  I’s a great way to detox, think about those less fortunate than yourself, develop some self-control. Try it – it might do you good!

‘Ramadan typically coincides with a spike in terror violence”. Seriously Katie where do you get this from? Yes I know there has been a bomb attack in Istanbul today and our hearts go out to all those innocent victims killed or injured today. But this attack has not been carried out by your ordinary mainstream Muslim.  This is why it becomes really important that you don’t misrepresent what Aaqil Ahmed Head of Religion at the BBC said;

“I hear so many people say ISIS has nothing to do with Islam – of course it has. They are not preaching Judaism. It might be wrong, but what they are saying is an ideology based on some form of Islamic doctrine. They are Muslims. That is a fact and we have to get our heads around some very uncomfortable things’

ISIS / Da’esh might be Muslim but all Muslims are not ISIS /  Da’esh, nor do we support ISIS  / Da’esh and have absolutely no affiliation to this terrorist organisation. The vast majority of the 1.8 billion adherents of the Islamic state world-wide are peaceful law abiding citizens. Islam is to ISIS /Da’esh what Christianity is to the KKK. But you already know that don’t you.

There is absolutely no tension let alone a ‘strange’ tension in what Ramadan means to the Muslim population in the UK.  For British Muslims as well as those across the globe, Ramadan is a period of self reflection, prayer, supplication and self-control. It is a period of time when we make a conscious effort to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, to give more in charity and to feed the hungry. Up and down the country people will be organising evening meals in their homes, community centres, churches, mosques and synagogues. Personally, I have organised an Iftar in my home for a group of non-Muslims who have probably never had a meal with Muslims in their home before. I’ve also organised an evening meal at the homeless shelter local to where I live. Four Muslim women, cooking a meal for however many non-Muslims during Ramadan and we will be feeding them at 6.30pm, whilst we are still fasting. Britain and Europe are not ‘hosts’, it is  home to Muslims who play a full and active role in the political, social, economic and civil society they live in. ‘We’ are indeed tolerant. ‘We’ are the most tolerant society in the world, where anyone can say and do more or less what they like so long as they’re not breaking the law. And that includes nasty, bigoted individuals vocalising their hateful views and opinions in print and over the airwaves, designed specifically to cause division, hatred and further their own media image. And just for the record. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Church of England, who I have had the pleasure of meeting on more than one occasion, might disagree with you about this being a ‘truly secular society’. Britain is and always will be a Christian country. Get over it.

It’s such a shame that your comments have caused so much upset to people. Only you could have turned what is for Muslims ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ into something to be feared and  despised. You have had something to say about anything and everyone; ginger babies, drug addicts, the overweight, prisoners, stay at home mums, breast feeding mums, working women, feminism, tattoos, children named after places (your daughters called India right?), ebola, grooming gangs, refugees, Muslims and now specifically Ramadan. Nick Hewer said that you had created a new brand , The Katie Hopkins – “Katie Hopkins in a white suit, Pollyanna hair, red lips shaped for sin and so much vitriol and I don’t understand where its taken you, its made you famous but its made you loathed”.

(P.s. I don’t like to finish on a nasty note especially as during Ramadan I try to be nicer than normal. So with that in mind, let me invite you to come and dine at mine one evening during Ramadan and see for yourself what it’s really all about! And if you don’t want halal we’ll go veggie for you (but you’ll miss out on a couple of mean lamb dishes!)


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  1. I only read the first paragraph of her awful article and stopped, I refuse to give her any of my time. Your article is a very apt response to the bigot that is K.H via the equally bigoted D.M.

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      1. Well said Hifsa, but someone as ignorant and rude like the so call Hopkins women won’t make no difference to her .. She so senseless and the broom so far up her backside that she has no respect for anything that comes out of a mouth or herself ! So I wouldn’t never allow such women in my home that has no respect.


    1. Outstanding article you wrote Hifsa!!!!!!! Iam honestly speechless!!! You are amazing at what you do! You couldn’t put it better than that!! The problem is that Katie is born evil and nothing anyone can do except make her understand which is clearly a waste of time! Also an exception individual like her , we have as a nation no need to justify to her our beliefs and value and for other notion of views in society and practice!! Thank you for the correspondence you made to this vile human being on earth.


  2. But the thing is, a lot of Muslims who shouldn’t be fasting WILL be fasting. And they WILL be working.

    And lots of parents will be making their children fast. I know my parents will be doing that.

    Also I don’t buy the whole your body gets used to it over the years thing. In my experience your body resets within a month after ramadan after you get used to normal meals again.

    And lastly, this country is officially a christian country. But in practice it is one of the most secular in the world.


    1. People who shouldn’t be fasting are excused. So which ones are you referring to!? Those that are working have to work to provide for families, put food on the table or pay the rent / mortgage ! Ramadhan doesn’t give you a free token not to!
      And you may not like your parents making you fast but when you get older and wiser maybe with your own family you will thank them with tears for teaching you to fast as a parent should.
      ” in your experience” how many years of fasting have you done exactly !? Your body does adapt during ramadhan for the fasts but I think for yourself when you can’t wait for ramadhan to finish it adapts for you after!
      Hifsa well done Masha Allah for penning an excellent knowledgable reply, may Allah bless you and your family abundantly always.


  3. Hats off to you sister, your article has put my heart to ease. I was enraged when I read her article, given that I am fasting, it was more difficult to take it off my mind, then I stumbled upon your article. Thank you for doing this. May Allah bless your family the best in this world and Hereafter. Aameen.

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  4. Salaam Sister Hifsa. Ma Shaa Allah. You have been too gentle… but this is how our Holy Quran and Nabi Muhammed (SAW) had prescribed, we Muslims behave when our precious religion is condemned in the minds of idiots. Shukran for taking a stand for Islam. Allah reward you sister. Ramadaan Kareem. Sister in Durban South Africa

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  5. Ramadan Mubarak to my wonderful auntie Hifsa, keep spreading your knowledge to us all. P.S Are you sure you want that woman over at your house?!

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    1. Haha! Fair point but I remember my mum saying that even if your enemy comes to your house, you treat them with respect. Katie Hopkins is misinformed, misguided and ignorant. If she comes (which is highly improbably) she’ll get treated in exactly the same way as I would any guest! xxx


  6. Ramadhan mubarak you you sister well written article and on point. Love the ur daughter name is india right loll


  7. Beautifully said and to the point..
    If she does decide to come to urs for iftari.. please invite me 😛

    Ramadan mubarak to u and ur family… May Allah swt make it easy for u.. Ameen x


  8. Salaams and Ramadan kareem Hifsa, I didn’t read it, I look the other way once Katie Hopkins is mentioned. Your blog in response to her rubbish is admirable, but Katie Hopkins? Tsk, tsk, tsk.. Wasted. But building up resolve and soothing the upset in the Ummah here, worth every word. xxx Wasalaam alaikum!

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  9. thank you for a very gracious response to an inflammatory and ill informed article. Your post was informative and well written. Best wishes to you and your family during Ramadan (I am not sure of the proper way to say this but I hope you know what I mean)


  10. Thank you for this. Interesting perspective. I would love to see KH’s facial expressions while reading this lol.
    Oh just to clarify. Iftar is breakfast. We break the fast at that time. Iftar/Futoor means breakfast in Arabic. Just as it is called breakfast in English, due to the overnight fasting whereby we do not consume food or drink whilst sleeping. Suhoor is the final meal of the day. It becomes our what-would-be, regular evening meal.
    Thank you once again!


  11. Fab article .well written. And to be honest needed to be said. Thank you for taking time to respond. Has is it been sent to Katie?


  12. Well said but I think you wasted your time replying to her coz honestly ppl like er wnt change ever shes has hatred in her from top to bottem so much soo that she stoped seeing right and wrong along time ago cmon I remember her on bbc 1 on news where she was saying about how ppl shouldnt name their children after places but her daughter is called india lol what a joke she is but seeing as its ramadan and we have to be extra nice I pray Allah forgives her and seriously knocks some sense in her Ameen


  13. Many thanks Hafisa for writing this wonderful piece. Actually there are some people who see some things from their imagination. They tend to see others what they like to see. Katie is one of them and your response to her is excellent! She does not have any taste of Islam or Ramadan. She only sees them from distant and analyse them from her own perspective. Nobody should do this. But unfortunately many do this. They contribute to the human society in negative way. May Allah show them a right path.


  14. Beautifully written and so true too! I have had the pleasure of living in a Muslim country for 7 years (Turkey) and know all you have written is the truth, maybe some who spout vindictive untrue rubbish should try it! Their eyes will be opened for sure! Wishing you and your family a good and peaceful Ramadan x

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  15. All good stuff, anyone else spent Ramadan as a christian in Saudi Arabia? Eating , drinking & smoking where a Believer can see you can get you deported. Some of the Saudis kept a bucket by their desks as spittoons so they did not swallow their own saliva, I could not find that in a my translated & smuggled copy of the Qu’uran?


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