Hifsa Iqbal for Stoke North & Kidsgrove

“Honesty and decency matter”

Keir Starmer

My connections with Stoke

I have been intimately connected with Stoke-on-Trent for over 25 years. I gave birth to one of my children at the Royal Stoke Hospital and have served the people of Stoke in many voluntary and paid roles. I’ve worked for the WEA and Staffordshire University, and with the City Council, schools, colleges, training and apprenticeship providers. I have been the Chair of the North Staffordshire Forum of Faiths, Director of Mitchell Memorial Arts Centre and been involved in countless community initiatives. I am currently a board member of Keele University and North Staffordshire YMCA. I was humbled to have my work with communities recognised in the Queen’s Jubilee Honours list last year.

I know how unique Stoke is with its six towns and its rich history of ceramics that goes back over 300 years. But our biggest asset is our honest, decent, hardworking people and Stoke North deserves an equally honest, decent, hardworking MP. 

Not only do I have a wealth of local experience, but I have held regional and national positions. I have chaired national organisations, spoken at countless conferences, published papers and articles, and have extensive experience of dealing with the media.  All of which have contributed to the development of excellent communication skills required of any MP.

High streets are derelict and losing businesses in Tunstall and Kidsgrove. Public transport is non-existent for many communities. Constituents are £27.7 million worse-off despite regional levelling up investments of £56 million. Young people have been neglected and have borne the brunt of cuts, and millions have been squandered over 13 years of Tory rule. Investment has been bitty and badly targeted. This government has crushed the moral of our over-stretched and under-paid teachers, doctors and nurses. A dangerous gap has emerged between earnings and the cost of living. Inflationary pressure on families is causing alarm, and many have faced the decision of eating or heating this winter.

Our city has been left behind and it is time that people of Stoke North & Kidsgrove had a Member of Parliament prepared to fight for them at national level and affect change that will make a real and positive difference to their lives.

There is no doubt we can win back Stoke North for Labour and make life better for all our communities. I have been fortunate to have spoken with several shadow cabinet members who have been stunned by the havoc 13 years of Tory policies have created on the lives of the people of our City. As an MP I will work towards ensuring our Labour Government, our Ministers, act upon the concerns of Stoke North and Kidsgrove residents and develop genuine long-term solutions.

Get in touch

If you are a local Labour Party member and would like to meet me and talk about how we can get organised and inspire our traditional voters, please get in touch. Likewise, if you’d like to discuss why current politics is failing Stoke North & Kidsgrove and how we can make Stoke a modern powerhouse, please complete the contact form with your details and I’ll be in touch.

 Thank you again.



“Labour’s approach is not about what is politically right, it is about what is right for the country”.

Keir Starmer